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Here at Nurse Crafts A Lot, I take your crafting aspirations to the next level by providing you with the best crafting materials, patterns, and accessories. If you are looking for specific craft materials or tools for yourself or as a gift for a dedicated crafter, then my store is the right choice for you. I provides handcrafted, custom made items to fit the needs of every person. Whether it is a car decal or a wooden sign with your family name on it, I will create it for you. I have carefully selected the best quality and most affordable items for you. You can find me in Franklin or contact me through my contact form. Visit my store today and be glad you did.

My Craft Creation Process

The materials I use to create my products make my designs look elegant and attractive. I do my best to avoid using materials that will cause irritation, unpleasant smells, and odours. I also utilise tools like special cutters, craft knives, wood refining tools, pliers and other precision tools. I also make use of sturdy hardware for my large designs. You can be sure that every piece of my handmade crafts is made with passion and creativity.

My designs

I boast a wide range of designs and objects for my customers to choose from. Most of my models have great colours; some also have artistic inscriptions, making each one unique. I can help my clients and customers come to a decision by showing them catalogues of my work where they can choose an idea of what they like. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of my materials and processes, the durability and integrity of my work is always evident in every piece I create.


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Price List

Custom T-shirt


Custom Sweatshirt/Hoodie


Custom Wood Sign


Price Ranges From $35- $40

Custom Mugs or Glassware


Custom Decals


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